Friday, February 06, 2009

Ajax me Baby!

Recently, I wanted to put some Ajax touch in a web application that I currently maintain. Besides the UI's enhancements, there is real world value doing so. For example, the user enters and ID, you check the ID asynchronously(don't need a full refresh), and if doesn't exist you don't let him continue or you want to retrieve the customers that satisfy a condition and fill up a combo box. Do you want to pre-load all of your customers and handle them with js at the client side. I don't think so!

Existing ajax js frameworks may require you to do a lot of plumbing or give you stuff that you may not need at the end, I present you a handy ajax js library(one file only!) that is easy to use. Check this:

parameters':{ 'selection':'selectCustomer', 'id':id, 'group':group }
, 'onSuccess':function(req) { fill_Customers(req.responseText); }

Can't be more simple than this! :)

For legacy applications that you have to maintain, this library in my opinion can offer you a big value for money. To find out more visit the homepage. Kudos to Matt Kruse for providing this. I already use his table js library and it works great too(and best performance both in displaying and sorting of data).
I really have to persuade my company to donate him, really great stuff!

Catch you soon

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